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Marketing has always been about having a conversation with your prospects and customers. Now with the advent of online social media dubai it is critical that you maintain a strong presence on these platforms in-order-to promote your brand, provide excellent customer service and to sell your products and services.

But which platforms to choose? We will take a look at Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube as well as messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Snapchat. They all have strengths and weaknesses, some of which are outlined below,

social media dubai



By far the largest and most powerful of the social media solutions, Facebook has close to 2 billion registered users and is available on every device. Started in the dormitories of Harvard University Facebook has become a true behemoth and a fantastic opportunity for marketeers to target specific groups of people for their products and services.

Facebook allows you set up a personal webpage from where you can link to your friends and family. A news feed is provided with stories related to your interests.. Users can like and comment on posts created by the friends and so provide direct feedback. Businesses can create their own corporate pages which they can brand and they can then post articles such as product announcements, customer service messages and reply to any positive or negative feedback. It is a fantastic service because it allows companies to communicate effectively and also to sell.

Facebook also has a paid advertising program whereby individuals or organisations


Twitter is another online news and social media platform that allows registered users to post messages of a maximum 140 characters long. Started in 2006, the service soon gained huge popularity and although not as big as Facebook, it still has over 300 million active users and has recently gained further popularity through the tweets of the new US President, Donald Trump. Twitter is widely available on all platforms.

Users create tweets which by default can be seen by anyone that is following you, but you can also send private tweets to individuals. and can ‘follow’ other peoples tweets and so they become followers. In addition, users can share tweets by ‘re-tweeting’ or they can like the tweets so that they are favorited.

Companies can setup their own corporate twitter account and can broadcast announcement etc, but can also provide customer service by responding to individual queries.

When users create a tweet they can index it using hash-tags or #. This allows uses to locate these tweets in the future by searching using these hash-tags. The most popular tweets are then highlighted as trending with the most popular ones listed.


Launched in 2010, Instagram is a mobile photo sharing app that allows users to share photos, video and text to the public or privately. Similarly to Twitter, Instagram uses hash-tags (#) to help users find pictures and accounts that ¬†they are interested in following. Users share content to their network and people can ‘follow’ them in order to see new content when it is available. As of 2017 there are 600 million monthly active users which makes it the second most popular social media after Facebook. Interestingly Facebook purchased the company in 2012 strengthening its dominance of the social media landscape.


Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is a social media network focused on the business. It is designed as a business networking tool whereby users essentially create an account and publish their CV on the site. They can link to other individuals and corporations and can share their information with them. The site has also become a publishing house and individuals and corporations can blog from their accounts. There is also an extensive forum facility which allows users to share their knowledge and experience together.

LinkedIn has become hugely popular with the recruiting industry whether from HR departments in companies or from agencies, it has become an extremely popular way to find a new job.

As of the end of 2016 LinkedIn had over 400 million members and is growing fast. The company was bought by Microsoft in 2016 for USD 25 billion and is not part of that organisation.

Our Value – Intrinsic Advantage

We have only described in details four of the major social media networks and how they work. These tools are incredibly powerful ways of marketing your business particularly when integrated together. Here at Intrinsic Advantage, we understand the power of branding your company through these social media Dubai networks which will lead to increased sales, better customer service and happier customers.