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Business Consultancy

Intrinsic Advantage provides business consultancy for companies looking to market and sell their products or services in the Middle East. Our staff have been operating in the region for over 12 years and have a thorough understanding of what it takes to build a successful business in the UAE.

Whether it is setting up the correct company structure, finding and locating partners and customers or recruiting the right kind of staff, Intrinsic Advantage provides and end-to-end service or advice on specific aspects of setting up a successful business in this region.

Understanding the correct way to setup a business in the UAE is crucial in helping to ensure its success. Everything must start with your vision and a business plan. The plan needs to define what your product or service is, how ill you market and distribute it, and who are your target markets? This will help you define what business licences that you need, where you need to be located, and this determines your startup costs.

Are you looking to sell in the UAE directly through your own retail chain, via partnerships or perhaps you are looking to sell online?

Do you need to recruit staff? What are the implications of this? Where do you find the right staff for your business? It is important to understand the relevant rules and procedures in the UAE to ensure that you don’t break the law. What about your products and services? Do you need special licences? Do your products need certification?

As you can see there are many questions to answer which have to resolved whilst you build your business plan. Intrinsic Advantage provides you with the experience and contacts to help build your business plan and execute on it effectively.

The UAE is a fantastic place to do business. The country is well placed strategically with over 2 billion people with 6 hours of flying. The  infrastructure is world class and the environment is very business friendly. The UAE has no corporation tax, no income tax and there are no restrictions in transferring your profits abroad. VAT will be applied to some products and services in 2018 but we have yet to see the final details of this.

Intrinsic Advantage provides you with business consultancy to minimize your risks and ensure that you can grow a successful business here. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.