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Partnerships, Marketing, SEO, WebSites, Sales, Blogging, Social Media – we help our clients market and sell their products in the Middle East and beyond.

Our company helps businesses to grow. We provide marketing and business consultancy services to clients to help them setup and thrive in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. In addition, we provide online and offline marketing services such as corporate identity, marketing collateral, website design and creation, e-commerce, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media and more


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Intrinsic Advantage Work Sample
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On setting up or reviewing your business a corporate identity (CI) is essential in order to present your brand to the market. The CI is derived from your mission statement and business plan. What is it that your company does? Who is your target market? What products and/or services will you offer? How will you distribute your services and products? How will you support your customers? What value are you bringing to the world?

By answering these questions you will understand your identity and this will help you create your face to the world. This ‘face’ will include logos, fonts, colours, brochures, business cards, flyers, online presence and much more.

Here at Intrinsic Advantage, we will advise you on your strategy and create all the associated components on your behalf.

If you are looking to setup a business in the United Arab Emirates and the wider Middle East then Intrinsic Advantage can help you. We provide consultancy services to help you find local partners and customers for your products and services.

Setting up a business in the UAE requires some unique structure and requirements, that many companies from the rest of the world will find different from their own environment. Intrinsic Advantage can provide the advice and the introductions to ensure that you create the right structure for your business in this region.

We also help our clients market and sell their products and services through finding the right partnerships or directly via our extensive network.

We can also help launch your products to the market through our PR contacts and can create and manage events.

Our experts can help with your internet marketing which can help build your business online driving up sales and profitability.


Online marketing is the process of creating products and services which are sold and distributed online. Also known as internet marketing, Intrinisc Advantage can provide you with a whole suite of services including:

  • WebSites
    The design and implementation of websites, ecommerce platforms, blogging and branding.
  • Social Media / Blogging
    The promotion of brands through social media and sales of products and services. In addition, we provide unique content tailored to your requirements in order to provide your customers with high quality, targetted information that will entice them to purchase your products and services.
  • Search Engine Optimisation
    SEO is the process of promoting businesses online via search engines such as Google with the goal of directing prospects and customers to view your products and services and to purchase them.
In developing any business companies need both and online and offline presence. Intrinsic Advantage has the facilities to create all of your offline collateral needs such as brochures, flyers, business cards, menus, posters and so on.

We will help you develop your brand or modify an existing one to suit the local market. We also have our own photography/videography capability for product shoots, PR events and online video.

The nature of the market in the Middle East means that you must find local partners and distributors in order to conduct business. Intrinsic Advantage has a wide range of relationships built up from working for over 12 years in the region, and we can find the right partner for you.